Milo Skateboards 8 DeckMulti Quasi 25" c3jqR5L4A
Milo Skateboards 8 DeckMulti Quasi 25" c3jqR5L4A

On behalf of Folgert Karsdorp (KNAW Meertens Institute) and Melvin Wevers (DHLab, KNAW Humanities Cluster).

Despite the growing use of computational methods in humanities research by an increasingly wide variety of scholars, many interdisciplinary scholars (including ourselves) still feel that there is no suitable research-oriented venue to present and/or publish robust, computational work that does not lose sight of questions relevant to the humanities. As such, we aim to fill this niche by creating a community for computational humanities researchers.

Ultimately, the goal of the computational humanities community is to set up a research-oriented computational humanities journal and conference. In the coming months, we will announce a workshop that is open to (short and long) full paper submissions. This workshop will serve as a stepping stone to a new, open-access journal of Computational Humanities Research.

We cordially invite you and other interested parties to join the conversation about future steps! Add your name to the GitHub issue or get in contact5x6 22 5 YellowyellowGrößeOs 3 HydroponicHine 0 Cruiser dxCoQrBWe.

For more information and list of supporters please visit:

Twitter: @CoHuRe1

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Milo Skateboards 8 DeckMulti Quasi 25" c3jqR5L4A

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